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My name is Eric Sparkwood from Stockholm, Sweden and I am the sole member of Foghorn Lonesome. The music is a mixture of synth, darkwave and gothic rock. It began in 2011 when the first songs were written and in December 2012 I entered Reflection Music with eleven songs to be recorded and mixed. Some songs were later replaced with new ones. The end result is thirteen songs. They were uploaded on SoundCloud one by one once they were done. The last song was uploaded in October 2014. Since then my producer, Tomas Rosenberg, and I have remixed each song as I felt some things needed adjusting. New things such as vocals, effects, synths etc have also been added. So these new mixes will differ in some ways from the ones currently on SoundCloud and they will be available soon for download. So at the moment we are wrapping things up in the studio. I have also been putting together the album artwork for a physical release which will possibly be through a record label. It’s been a long journey for various reasons that’s finally coming to an end. Thank you for your support.

– Eric Sparkwood, January 2016
Photo by Bo Reinerdahl

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