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Foghorn Lonesome’s debut album is since March 2016 out on several platforms… Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play, SoundCloud and YouTube. It’s available for streaming, sale and free download. I don’t want to “lock” the music. It’s available for sale for those who wish to support Foghorn Lonesome in that way and also as free download on SoundCloud for those who can’t/don’t wish to buy it. (Download is recommended for best audio quality.) Either way is fine with me. The album can also be purchased digitally directly through me via PayPal. So there are options for everyone. Donations are welcome at paypay[at]foghornlonesome[com].

I wasn’t involved in the pricing of the music on the sites except for Bandcamp. The track order on all platforms except for Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube is incorrect. Track 4 and 5 are in reverse order. Their fault. Not mine. I’ve been compensated for it. Thank you for your support.

– Eric Sparkwood, March 2016
E-mail: contact[at]foghornlonesome[dot]com

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