from left to right:
Krzysztof Rozwadowski – bass
Eric Sparkwood – lead vocals, bass
Jessica Isaksson – vocals
Tomas Rosenberg – drums

Foghorn Lonesome started in late 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden as a one-man band by Eric Sparkwood. In December 2012 he entered Reflection Music to begin recording eleven songs. Some songs were later replaced with new ones. The end result is thirteen songs. They feature Eric on lead and backing vocals, keyboard, bass, guitar, percussion and programming. They also feature additional vocals by several people. The songs were uploaded on SoundCloud one by one once they were done. The last song was uploaded in October 2014.

Following that, he and his producer, Tomas Rosenberg, remixed each song as Eric felt some things needed adjusting. New things such as vocals, effects, synths etc were also added. These new and final mixes have been available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp and SoundCloud since March 2016.

In September 2016 a new song, “Like a Storm“, was released and Foghorn Lonesome played their first show with Jessica Isaksson on vocals and Nikita Smirnov on bass. In a live setting Foghorn Lonesome features two basses. Two shows were played with Nikita before they parted ways and in November 2016 Krzysztof Rozwadowski joined the band. In January 2017 a new song, “Neon Thighs“, was released and in Febraury 2017 long-time producer, Tomas Rosenberg, joined the band on drums. Foghorn Lonesome are at the moment unsigned.

Photo by Bo Reinerdahl. Music, lyrics, photos, videos, artwork, logos © All Rights Reserved