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I see the fire in her sky
Makes me wanna never say goodbye
I’m the lonely only and only I know why there’s dust and twinkle cry in my eye
I’m coming home

When the air turns cold, when the road turns left
When I feel her green I know I’m home
I wish forever upon a star
I wish, I wish once and for all

I hear the rebel yell of northern winds
I’m getting close but never fast enough
I feel you pulling at my heartstrings
A million scars on tired wings

I’ve seen the shade, every shade of blue
I’ve seen the square, the square of every root
I’ve touched the moon and the sun
I’m lost in space, always searching for someone
Oh here I come

(An endless longing for home)

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Golden eagles perched in maple trees under the crescent moon. I’ve watched something ghostlike sway in the fog near Fox Point until it disappeared toward the eastern shore. All those moments, all those memories will be lost in time like tears in rain.

Take me home
An endless longing for home
Take me home
I just wanna belong
Everyone wants to belong


When you reach out your hand something bites it back
When you open your heart someone tears it apart
Now that’s an easy rhyme
They belong together
Scars on the soul we carry forever

Love, it’ll tear you down
Tear you down right to the ground
Love is not for everyone
By the moon and not the sun

There was once a heart
Now a spade
Beware of the burn
Get too close and you learn

You lie, I cry
You turn on me
How can it be?
Where did I go wrong?
Now you’re gone
I give too much
I’m never enough
You lie, I cry
You make me sad
I wonder why
I thought you cared
Thought too much, naturally
Oh silly me

It’s okay to cry
(Cry it out, let it out)

(They lie, they lie)
All they do is

Love will tear you down
Tear you down right to the ground
And love is not for everyone
Safer to love no one

No, I don’t ever wanna fall again
I always fall too hard
I’m always on guard
So if I ever think I’ve met someone I’m gonna get up and run

I remember that summer when you left
I had tears in my eyes
You were the best I’d ever met
Then you left me there with a broken heart
The first of many
It was only the start
Time heals all wounds
That’s what they say
I’m not sure about that
It never truly goes away


night and gale
Our hearts break with every breath we take
Let’s just disappear far away from here
Colors of dusk lead to the dark
Let’s go chase danger out of range
All we need is a spark, yeah
Meet up at Easter Park

We follow the glow in a red convertible with Lana Del Rey on the stereo
Wind through your hair, hands in the air
We got the moon and stars and all our battle scars

We don’t need the light
We’ll run through the night
Run away with me
I’ll show you where to go

Down, down a lost highway
Rough and flammable
Come like an animal
Kisses so hard in the midnight heat
A rush of love like blood
The only way is deep

Run, run away
We always knew we could never stay
And when we burn for things we yearn
When we burn there’s no return

It’s a fire only lovers know

It’s a fire

Hey hey hey hey

Where we go no one will know
Where we go wild flames will blow
And when we burn for things we yearn
When we burn there’s no return


all i want is some love
All I want is some love
Can you show me love?
All I want is your love

All I want
All I need


watership down
When the waves come in tonight
Don’t you cry now, it’s alright
Don’t you cry a single tear
I’ve been there and I know the fear

Hold you through this
Know you need this
Keep your eye on that northern star
Take my hand now
We’ll make it somehow
Everything will leave a scar

Matters of the heart and soul
So much harder when you’re on your own
It’s a longer road up than down
What is lost can’t always be found

When you feel yourself slipping away
Always know it’s never too late
Gotta find some piece of mind
Always lay one stone at a time

Reach out and hold on to me
(Even this will pass)
We all see stormy seas
(Even this will pass)
Reach out and hold on
I know it’s hard to stay strong when it just goes on and on and on
(Even this will pass)

I feel your heartbeat

Come together for the lost
Come together for the lost now
Everyone loses
Everyone falls
Everyone hurts but you gotta rise up
You never say no
You gotta keep pushing
You never let go
You gotta keep moving
You gotta keep reaching
You gotta keep moving

Hold on to me

I feel it beat

(Keep on moving on)


we are all alone in the end
We’re all alone in the end
No one cares and no one knows
I ain’t gonna pretend
Everyone is alone in the end

No one’s gonna cry for you
No one’s ever gonna lie for you
It’s never enough no matter what you do

Tell me where do the lonely go?
I don’t know which way to go

You’re all alone
Forever all alone


winter blue
Den som försvann när vägen tog slut
Jag var den som försvann när ljuset brann ut
Vilse i vinden som tog mig längre bort
Röda rosor med frost
Tomma ramar och rost

Mitt glömda hjärta glöder under isen
En ensam längtan
Försvunnen genom tiden

Jag minns värmen som om det vore igår
På dessa kinder spricker en frusen tår
Den tysta gråten år efter år
Kylan och väntan
Inget kommer, allt går

Can you hear me now?
I’m frozen because of you
Can you find me now?
I’m lost in winter blue

I can’t breathe in this cold and I don’t know where you’ve gone
I guess my foolish heart was wrong

Snön ligger stilla över åkern där vi en gång var yngre som en slöja över det som en gång var. Svarta arga trädtoppar i kontrast mot en isblå himmel som bländar allt. Vinden susar en bekant ton. Gamla röster ekar. Jag drar upp kragen igen. Det finns inga svar till mitt sökande. Det är tiden som tynger mig. Tårar sväljer mina ögon och hundratals minnen skär igenom mitt hjärta. Dom säger att varje snöflinga är lik ingen annan men ändå försvinner dom bort i mängden. Längtan är det enda jag har kvar. Det är vi två för alltid.


the worst feeling in the world
I always take it home
The endless feeling of all alone
I always find it hard not to feel like the lowest card

When we reach the heart
That’s when everything falls apart
A tearing rush through the core
It’s always over right from the start

I turn the lights down low
Nothing heals and nothing glows
I think about the apple trees
I can’t sleep, too many memories

It’s the worst

And I feel it coming on and there’s no other place to go
My tired eyes roll white as no one comes and holds me tight
It’s the blackest space I know
I tremble when it comes around
You’d tremble too if you knew what I do

It’s the worst feeling
(There’s no escape)

(Help, help me)

It’s the worst feeling in the world

ghosts of the oak
I’m still chasing ghosts down the same old streets
I’m still holding on
It’s been still for so long

I’m as lonely as the big blue ocean
I’m lost in a backward motion
I’m moving through a pause
Searching for the unknown cause

Questions call out into the dark
Silence echoes and breaks my heart
Cry fills my eyes, blurs my vision
Breaking oak was never my decision

I remember where we ran
I remember when we shared our blood
I feel it like yesterday
Then the flood came and took us away

Driftwood whispers on
Catch it before it’s gone

Feels like I’m reaching out into the empty
Can anyone hear me?


always the undertow
Please don’t leave me
Not you, not like them, not you too
Please don’t go
I’m so alone
I’ve grown old on my own
So many faces, young and gone
I’ve lost time
I keep moving along
It’s the undertow that comes and takes
Moves in slow and away they go

Always the undertow
And away they go


so sorry
I don’t know what to say but I’m sorry
I’m so sorry, so very sorry
I made a mistake and I’m sorry
I’m so sorry, so very sorry

If I could go back in time and do things right I would
I would if I could
Is it too late?
Is it too, too late for sorrys?
I’m so sorry

I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused you
The cracks in your heart
I feel them too
I made a mistake and I’m sorry
I’m so sorry, so very sorry

(Regret is so heavy)

the blinking lights
To the east the lights keep blinking under tonight’s August sky
Waves of memories of a time long ago
Where are we now?
Years gone
I don’t know

Faces I knew
Brothers then I miss so much
We rode for miles
I had your back
We lost touch
It’s getting darker now and I feel old
I close the blinds and I wish I had someone to hold
Maybe one day I’ll look to the east to the blinking lights and not tear up


Into her abyss
Into her honeyed depths of rose and fir
Through haze and ash this fever lulls me
Her scarlet dusk, her warmth, her beauty
So endless that I sigh
I close my eyes as I drift deeper
Light like a feather

Dark, come to my heart

The glow below
Getting closer now
Our pulses sync
Pound faster now
My eyes roll white, now red
First blood, first tear, first kiss, first touch
I never knew I could feel so much

Her steady pull
I’m ready
Her golden core opens to me
I tremble through waves of heat
Come light, come love, come fear, come one
Oh my god
She’s full of stars and sun

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